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  • my sister has now moved onto inuyasha. Shes watched 3/4 anime series over the past 2(maybe less) months. 
  • Guardians of the Galaxy was pretttttyyyyyyyyyy awesome. I think Imma have to do some research before the next Avengers movie comes out. 
  • my art project is on such a stand still. sad bears. 
  • too many dance practices. how did i do this before. (oh yea no work and everything was within a walking distance)
  • One more week of work (is it sad that Im kinda sad?) 2 more weeks until i go backkkkk. WHOOP.
  • Congrats to Cornell Bhangra to making it to Americas Got Talent top 48!
  • Ribbet.

7 Ways J.K. Rowling Changed Childhood For A Whole Generation


  • She made reading a trend. One day everyone was collecting Pogs or Beanie Babies, the next, we were all deciding whether we were more like Harry or Ron, Hermione or Lavendar. For the first time, everyone seemed to have read the same books and had things to say about them….

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"We’ve been friends for 43 years. Every few years, we meet for a few hours, and pick right back up."

small perspective on time and what really matters

  • water balloon fights. the prep time vs playing ratio was far too high. worth it? me thinks so. 
  • city adventures: saw the new “orchard” quite cozyyy. met a frand who is recently employed and is searching for a place in the city! it was nice seeing her again and i get to see her more! yay. birthday dinner….MAD EXPENSIVE. like WHAT. 30+ per plate for 12 people. but the cupcakes were delish. played a real game of fifa ( i practiced goals before but never a game) and i won. hehe. yay. mahbe i can beat the bf one day. 
  • the wrath of the parentals. “do you come home this late when you’re at college, its not safe!” if only i could have said no parentals i come home much later with friends, pizza and a not so sober state of mind. anddd they took away my phone. it’s great to be home. next time i must plan life better. 
  • splish splash, the new magnetic coaster was magical. 
  • new dance gig. lol “gig,” but im doing classical. it should be fun! 
  • i need to plan out mah sleeping schedule. silly time zones. 
  • i like bullets, and this has been a long post. damn. 
  • i need to catch up on the doctor. i also cant’ wait for “how to get away with murder” to air.
  • Indian serials never cease to amaze me.  
  • i need to get a new book. well a few new books. i just finished G.O.T. the ending was horrendous. Why do i continue to torture myself with his novels. Too much pain. 
  • i wanna find some arts and crafts to d. 
  • need to mail checks/receive checks/mail out TWC stuff…too many unfinished ties. 
  • fidelity, NRI….boy i don’t wanna be a real person anytime soon. cant handle.

Brooklyn Bridge adventures.

  • i hate being in different time zones :(
  • i flagged traffic and helped take out the traffic counters! I’m not too sure if people too me seriously cz i was a girl but…that will change. 
  • my internet is becoming a nuisance. some days it works, otheres it doesn’t.
  • my parents already seem to have a huge 4th of july weekend planned. how do i insert my plans into that plan…not quite sure.
  • must find some cool house decoration.
  • i wanna send mail and make a mix cd 
  • always have ducktape in the car. you may never know when you need it to patch up an accident.  - along with jack cables. 
  • graduation was too bittersweet. things wont be this easy anymore. thankfully i have one more semester of easy left. i’ll have to make the most of it. 
  • i dont ever want to commute to work. icky traffic. I fel like id prefer train just so that I can read. I really miss reading.
  • I need to pray with my dada more. learn all kinds of new bhajans from his allmighty book. seeing him in the hospital really shook me up. makes me also wonder how many more times am i going to have to be in the hospital. 
  • tickets to cali are 444 and change. to go or not to go? 
  • sometimes i dont want comfort or routine, i want spontaneity, randomness…something crazy and/or different
  • six flags, splish splash, dc, ohio, cali? hamptons? too many trips, too many questions. 
  • WSP - im slacking on my weekly blog. i forgot what i did last week already but the people are fun and the work is always new. plus im making new friends. i should talk more during lunch thou. can’t be stuffed in my book. 
  • stay ontop of my ish. i need some kind of checklist. 
  • beyonce and jayz. so. freaking. great. 
  • passed the FL boaters (or something like that ) test. yay. 
  • went on ta booze cruise with the familia…and i was allowed to drink. 0.0
  • 0.0
  • too many thoughtsss. i should write them out more often. 

-Museum Mile. Went after work, driving int he city was…a good experience, but the museums were great. I really want to go to the MET and Guggenheim again. (and the 9/11 exhibit but that’s a random side note)

- I can wear jeans in the office at least twice a week! Once for field work and one for friday. The little joys. I really enjoy site visits and field work.

-Made a cake! The kitchen didn’t burn down.  

-Watched GOT in the office today! It was fun to watch it with people. but I couldnt help but be disappointed. I wish more happened. ALAS. 

- my mom wants to plan 2 trips this summer. how do i ask my boss for that many vacation days. I dont even know. 

- 22 Jump Street was fantastic. Too funny. 

so many things I wanna do this summer. how will i be able to do them all. YAY SUMMER.

Things to do: Splish Splash, 6 flags, Beach, paint + wine, arts and crafts, more city visits. free concerts! 


This is what happens when I rarely post

Last day of classes senior year. How time flies.

  • finally early to my 840. 
  • presented “expost hydroeconomic analysis on the California drought” today. just that title makes me feel badass. I pulled it together last minute but I think it was good enough…or I hope so. at least the prof didnt seem to hate me? semi success. 
  • 2 papers due tonight. one of which is almost done…the other haven’t started. 
  • slope day? how is there time to drink. and what if it rains? that would be awkward bears. 
  • oh yea, i said awkward bears in my presentation this morning. 
  • gotta fix my car today - i clearly cannot deal with insurance nor can i bargain. 
  • i just want some maggi. or pau bhaji. i wish i could cook indian food. 

This past week doe:

  • Calling gieco 24/7 - sorry premium. 
  • people matter more than cars. 
  • 3 finals that I’m not prepared for.
  • destressed with camping. my jacket is still smoky. but out of the tent of people, somone selected me as the person he’d want to be stranded with. I am honored. bonded with the phambam too. 
  • i love my parents. at times they are infuriating….but this time they just got it. 
  • saw this kid from my hs walking up the slope. haven’t seen him since sophomore year when he said “he called it” in the becker dining hall. he’s going to law school now, “ready to get the older women.” I laughed.  
  • i shouldnt have procrastinated this much this year. i hope my social obligations were worth it when i see my grade.
  • no offer letter yet. i’m allegedly starting june 2nd doe. 
  • hm i still havent handed in my risk hw. why do i not care? 

It still feels like theres so much time left….but there really isn’t cz I know these next 2 weeks will fly.